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Bless This House With Love And Laughter Sign

Bless This House With Love And Laughter Sign


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+$5.00 for color other than natural


This metal sign helps us to keep two oh-so-important things on our mind at all times — love and laughter.


  • The long, narrow shape of this sign is highly versatile in spaces where you can’t usually fit wall art.
  • Beautiful word art is aesthetically pleasing, and the colors we offer all work well with other interior design motifs.
  • Our metal is custom cut and highly durable, usable both indoors and outdoors.

If there are two things all of us should be striving towards in this life, it’s not money or power — it’s love and laughter. It can be easy to forget the importance of lighthearted mirth as we get caught up in the crushing responsibilities of life. That’s why it’s a great idea to have this “Bless This House With Love and Laughter Sign” — it is a constant reminder of what’s truly important in life, and the design of the metal sign itself makes for great wall art.


  • Ships In 10-14 Days
  • Colors: Natural Metal, Black, Copper Vein, and Bronze Matte
  • Size: 23.5” x 7.5”

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